How can co-injection parts be recycled given the existence of a core layer?
Per the APR Design Guidelines, EVOH layers are acceptable for package recycling. EVOH should be minimized to avoid re-use issues while achieving the desired shelf life.

Can you do part design for other applications the way you did it for Klear Can?
While we do not design parts for the injection molding industry, we can advise of potential pitfalls when your part design will utilize co-injection.

How can Milacron help me with financing co-injection equipment?
Milacron has partnered with EFG to provide financing for our equipment. For more information, please visit

I have a conventional hot runner for monolayer application. Can I convert this hot runner to co-injection?
Your existing hot half cannot be converted to co-injection due to the patented technology found in Milacron co-injection hot runners. Depending on your cavity spacing, it may be possible to reuse your cold half.

I already have an E-Multi, can I use it for co-injection?
Depending on the application, it may be possible to convert an existing E-Multi to be suitable for co-injection.

How does co-injection affect the part design when going from a monolayer version to the corresponding co-injection version?
A uniform flow front is critical for successful co-injection. More work may need to be done for non-round applications to create a uniform flow front, but otherwise, general molding principles apply to co-injection as well.

How does co-injection affect the mold (i.e. cold half) design?
Depending on the part design, co-injection may need increased cavity spacing.

How do I make sure that the core layer is properly placed?
This can be done through destructive testing on a time interval basis or through thermal imaging which can be accomplished for 100% of the production run.

Which Milacron products can potentially become part of a co-injection system?
Milacron has a full portfolio of injection molding products from which to draw, from mold bases and water fittings up through the molding machine.

Does Milacron sell full turnkey co-injection systems and manage the whole project?
Based on the Kortec brand and previous successes, Milacron can offer full turnkey systems (based on applications and regions).

How do you recycle the Klear Can?
Based on market analysis, the Klear Can is able to be recycled into the number 5 (PP) recycling stream.

Why do I need to sign an NDA?
Because of the patented technology found in the Klear Can for its application.

Is the Klear Can microwavable?
Similar to other products on the market, once the lid is removed it is possible to microwave the Klear Can.

Can you customize Klear Can designs?
Yes, the Klear Can design could be customized for alternate sizes of metal can alternatives.

Can I get exclusivity for molding Klear Cans?
Dependant on annual volumes, exclusivity is an option.

Does Milacron mold/sell Klear Cans?
Milacron does not sell Klear Can for production volumes. We can provide small volumes for line trials and evaluations as well as working with you to optimize the package recipe.

As a brand owner, I want to buy Klear Cans, I don’t want to mold them. How can Milacron help get me to the point where I can buy parts steadily?
With Milacron’s global reach, we can put you in touch with a converter that would be able to supply you with Klear Cans.

Given that Milacron owns the Klear Can design, what guarantees can you make regarding the container?
Milacron makes no guarantees on fitness for use. However, we can offer testing that shows acceptability in different aspects of performance.

Do you charge royalties for molding Klear Cans?
There is no ongoing royalty fee for use of the Klear Can.